Sports Writing

Shameless plug alert! When not sharing my random concerns, I also write quite a lot about football. Links to my ramblings on a range of topics around the beautiful game are below. Hope you enjoy!

If You’re Going To Show Off, Then You’d Better Be Good

Says it all, really.

Oh ‘Arry

The recent fortunes of Tottenham’s manager.

The Barcelona Backlash:

Why people seem to be turning against the European champions.

Behind Enemy Lines: 

My experience as a Spurs supporter watching my team get hammered by Arsenal at the Emirates stadium.

The Irrational Hatred:

About the abuse that those in and around the game experience at the grounds and on social media.

The Elephant in the Room:

The problems that English football needs to address, rather than just looking to change the manager.

The Ghost of White Hart Lane:

An article about the often unseen talents of Giovani Dos Santos.

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mario?

Looking into the enigma that is Mario Balotelli.

The Joy of the Transfer Window

In tribute to the feverish transfer speculation.

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