They’re planets. Honest. No, really…


Ok, so in terms of photography as an art form, this picture is a bit rubbish. It wasn’t taken on a hugely expensive camera with a zillion shutter speeds by an expert in photography, but instead by an unshaven bloke (me) standing in a field with an iPhone, trying to keep the phone still because it was cold and I wasn’t wearing a coat.

Anyway, tonight was the night that you could apparently see five planets in one night in the sky over my little corner of the UK. I missed Mercury, which disappeared over the horizon before I ventured outside in insufficient clothing (just to clarify, I wasn’t naked – that would be one pale white mass you wouldn’t want to see at night). Mars was a little bit too faint to get a picture of – although it was an impressive red glow nonetheless – and Saturn would not faintly appear until later in the evening. So, what you can actually see in the photo are not just specks on my screen but Venus (the brighter of the two) and Jupiter.

It is pretty amazing to me. I was really interested in astronomy as a child and it is one of those interests that, unfortunately, sometimes fall by the wayside as you get older. So, despite being cold, I was really glad that I stood there trying desperately to work the rudimentary zoom function with my right hand and keep the phone steady with my left (I’m a man and multi-tasking is not a strong point). Enjoy the ‘specks’, maybe next time I should get a proper camera, or a telescope. But definitely a coat…

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